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Helpful Links for working with VoxPro

The libmp3lame DLL is used for MP3 exports, and requires the Microsoft VS 2010 and 2013 redistributables in order to load and run correctly.  

Most computers already have these packages installed, but in case yours doesn't:

Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable

Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable 

VoxPro4 also requires two versions of the Microsoft .Net Framework. 

Version 3.5 must be present in order for DirectX to install correctly.

VoxPro 5/6/7 require the Microsoft .NET framework version 4.5 or higher.

.Net Framework 3.5

.Net Framework 4.0

.Net Framework 4.5

Additional codecs are required to import media types such as AAC (m4a), AC3, Vorbis, FLAC, ADPCM, etc.  Two different packages of codecs have become popular with Windows users.  Choose either one, not both.

The Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) is available from several sites: 




The K-Lite codec pack are available here, in several versions:


These Installers are all included as part of the VoxPro installer, but in case you need to re-download a new one:

Control panel device driver from FTDI: cdm_v2_10_00_whql_certified.exe

Web installer for DirectX: dxwebsetup.exe

HASP device driver: haspdinst_661.exe

Keylok driver: Install.exe

This is the standalone DirectX Redistribution package from Microsoft: directxredist.zip



Click the image below to download the VoxPro6 brochure!

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