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pdf AirAura: The Case for the Clean Machine White Paper Popular

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pdf New Findings on FM Stereo Multipath Control - White Paper Popular

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New Findings On Multipath Control - Jeff Keith.pdf

Jeff Keith, in this white paper, indicates effective measures for dealing with Multipath issues.

pdf Processing Smarts: Tips from the Experts White Paper Popular

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pdf State of the Art Processing White Paper Popular

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State of the Art Processing White Paper

AUDIO PROCESSING: STATE-OF-THE-ART 1 Audio Processing: State-of-the-Art The changing role of audio processing in the radio industry

pdf The Case for Audio Quality and Audio Processing in Streaming Radio Popular

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pdf The Curious Behavior of Consumer FM Receivers During Hyper-modulation Popular

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A paper by Jeff Keith of Wheatstone describes his findings after studying how consumer FM receivers react to serious overmodulation.

pdf The Technical Case for Stream Processing Popular

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The Technical Case for Stream Processing.pdf

pdf Wheatstone Baseband 192 White Paper Popular

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pdf Wheatstone Podcast Stream WhitePaper v2 Popular

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