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PR&E Host Dashboard Turret

A turret for host, co-host or producer positions. Accepts various PR&E control panels in its 8 slots.
  • Turret for host, co-host or producer postion
  • Eight 1.6 in. panel slots (at a 3° angle) for turret control panels and edge devices
  • Control panels mount onto threaded metal inserts (screws supplied with panels)
  • Charcoal textured finish 

Optional Clock/Timer Features

  • Real-time clock (“slaveable” to an ESE master clock)
  • Event timer (elapsed time) has local control or sync with console timer
  • Powered by a single 5 V DC supply
  • Includes 6-pin MOD IV logic connector (for ESE master clock and console timer reset control)
  • Includes a customer installation and operation document

Control Panels (Turret)

  • PRE99-1191 headphone fader level control
  • PRE99-1197 three-button mic control panel
  • PRE99-1198 four-button mic control panel
  • PRE99-1212 six-button configurable control panel
  • PRE99-1714-3 single-width (1.6 x 6 in.) blank panel
  • PRE99-1740-3 dual-width (3.2 x 6 in.) blank panel

Panel Mounting Systems (Turret)

  • PRE99-1450-08 low-profile turret without a Clock/Timer Display
  • PRE99-1450-08CT low-profile turret including a Clock/Timer Display and control
  • PRE99-1788-1 single-cabinet plate for one panel
  • PRE99-1788-2 dual-cabinet plate for two panels


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